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How home types change from neighborhood to neighborhood

This week, I’m tackling the makeup of Central Denver neighborhoods and discussing how the home types vary in each.

The chart below shows the number of sales in each neighborhood in 2014 and includes the percentage of detached and attached sold homes in each neighborhood.

From these 2014 homes sales, we can see what types of homes are most prevalent in each neighborhood – only five neighborhoods have either 100-percent attached or 100-percent detached homes, and the other 47 neighborhoods feature a mix of home types.

In my experience, clients are drawn to areas with homes similar to the one they dream of buying, or they are drawn to a neighborhood because of its diverse mix of home types. As we can see, Denver has many possible options for each buyer, and those options accommodate an assortment of desires for consistency in a neighborhood.

Overall, Central Denver has 53 percent detached homes and 47 percent attached homes – that’s a nice mix for buyers looking for any type of home.

2015-03-05 - Det-Att-Image

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