Psychology of Real Estate – Getting, Keeping and Closing the Deal

How to interact with buyers, sellers, lenders and agents to keep things smooth and moving forward.

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  • Learn how to get your offers accepted in a bidding war
  • Learn how to get what you want by giving others what they want
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate inspection negotiation
  • Learn how to prep buyers and sellers for an easy inspection
  • Learn the goldy locks method of pricing
  • Transaction tips that will help you stand out and catch problems before they happen
  • Learn how to give transaction “gifts” that cost nothing and get you everything
  • Don’t let your buyers “lose that loving feeling”
  • Mental tricks to help your sellers and buyers get to closing
  • Outside the box is a bad thing in contract negotiation.

Creative Ways of Viewing the Market

Using statistics to translate data into consumer friendly wisdom and practical advice

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