Central Denver – Average Price

Central Denver – Average Price

Welcome to the launch of “The Denver Expert” – a weekly blog to help you improve your real estate knowledge – one stat at a time.

This week, I’m starting with a map of central Denver that includes the average price of detached single-family homes in each neighborhood. As you look this over, try to explain why the prices are similar or drastically different when you cross a street into a different neighborhood. Leave your comments and questions below, and I’ll share my thoughts as well.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be providing…

  • Maps: The best way to visualize data is to map it. We’ll cover average prices, appreciation percentages, days on market, price per sqare foot and many more .
  • Neighborhood comparisons: I’ll provide side-by-side comparisons of two to four neighborhoods so you can see the differences between them, and I’ll help explain the reasons behind those differences.
  • Neighborhood breakdowns: We’ll examine data points and graphs, digging deep into a specific neighborhood.
  • Agent stats: How many transactions does the average agent close in a year? What do those numbers imply?
  • Brokerage stats: Do franchise brokerages perform better? Do independents have better stats? Or is there even a difference?

And there’s much more where that came from …  If you can think of it, I can most likely produce it. Suggestions for the next newsletter are always welcome.

Next week: Park Hill – why my borders differ from the city’s, plus a side-by-side comparison of each.


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