Location Matters

Neighborhood comparison between two opposites This week I’m comparing two neighborhoods that are rarely (if ever) compared to draw attention to some of the intangible differences. Clayton – This area has one of the lowest average prices (2014) in Central Denver and the highest average appreciation rate over the past 5 years. Country Club –… Read more

Appreciation vs. Home Price

Does home price affect appreciation? After looking at stats for 2014 and experiencing a pretty crazy market, I thought I should look at appreciation numbers and see if there is any predictability to the numbers. Perhaps predictability isn’t the right word, but there is definitely a pattern to the appreciation numbers when comparing 2009 with… Read more

Denver Home Diversity

How home types change from neighborhood to neighborhood This week, I’m tackling the makeup of Central Denver neighborhoods and discussing how the home types vary in each. The chart below shows the number of sales in each neighborhood in 2014 and includes the percentage of detached and attached sold homes in each neighborhood. From these… Read more